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Nano Concentrate CBD

USA organic Hemp Nano CBD suspended in water (or oil) 1- 150,000 mg per liter

Premier-grade, certified organic, U.S.A. grown, hemp-derived Nano emulsion CBD suspended in water (or oil.) Derived from the chemical compound found in the resin glands of hemp plants, and processed with surfactants resulting in a stable “oil-in-water” emulsion which is water-soluble and a more bio-available form of CBD.

Water-soluble form enhances the deliverability and bio-absorption of CBD and provides a potent, consistent result at great price per milligram of CBD.

Distributes evenly in water (or oil for creams) and other product formulations.

Several technologies exist to create water-soluble forms of CBD including macroemulsion, microemulsion, liposomal, and Nano emulsion. The drawbacks inherent in the macro and micro (instabilities are eliminated in the Nano processes making it arguably the best form for bio-absorption.

Because oil and water don’t mix, water soluble forms are better absorbed through the digestive system so dosing is more consistent.

Our products begin in clean soil, from the best genetic seeds, on U.S.A. farms and are grown certified  organic, GMO-free with Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP) from seed to fulfillment and finally are delivered full-potency and fresh to you with a 100% money back guarantee

Third-party tested for purity and potency, Certificate of Analysis and samples available now.

Samples Available Now

Bulk Quantities Available: 

1-50 liters

51-150 liters

151-1000 liters

1001-10,000 liters

10,001-150,000 plus liters

1 gallon (3.78541 liters)

1 drum (208 liters)

In Stock and available to ship upon approvals

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